Rosie King

Rosemary King is an Arts Centre Director. Here she explains a little more about what it entails.

Q. How long have you been a Director?
A. For two years, but I’ve been a member of The Centre for nearly twenty years. During that time I’ve been involved in acting, singing and directing.

Q. So, as a Director, what’s your role?
A. My specific area of responsibility is to ensure that The Poetry Group and the Circle Dance Group are kept up to date with affairs. I’m also joint chairman of the members’ fundraising committee, where we raise money by mounting a series of entertaining activities…very successfully.

Q. Why did you become a Director?
A. Because I wanted to ensure that the work of The Centre proceeded at a pace commensurate with changes going on around us…so that we keep up to date with an ever-changing society.

Q. And what did you do in your past life?
A. Where do I start? I’ve been a teacher, hotel keeper, restauranteur, cook, shop owner, and fundraiser, not to mention a mother and a grandmother along the way. I’m also an author and am just about to publish my fourth book.

Q. What would you say is your special skill?
A. The ability to visualise The Centre in the future, still adding value. I welcome new ideas, trying different things. My pet hates are negativity and resistance to change. It’s vital that we adapt and try different ways of doing things.

Q. And how do you see the Arts Centre in the future?
A. As a community hub for music, dance and the Arts in general. But we need to work hard to dispel the belief that The Centre is only for a certain type of individual. It’s a local, long-established treasure and it’s there for everyone in the community. To achieve that, we need to constantly offer activities and events that appeal to all.