Art Group

The Art Group is a well established group, meeting on Monday afternoons in the Phoenix Room from 2pm to 4.30 pm.

There are three sessions a year, comprising about 11 indoor meetings from October to Christmas, 11 from January to April, and 4 early in the summer session; later in the summer, there are usually (weather permitting!) some full- or half-day outdoor sketching meetings.

The programme of work is interesting and varied, and Art Group members take an active part in suggesting the topics. The current programme is on display at the Arts Centre.Activity_Art_Group_outside

Each session offers the opportunities for drawing and painting a wide range of subjects, practising familiar and experimenting with unfamiliar styles and media. It will generally include visits from several tutors, and often the use of models. Materials are not provided. Members have the chance to display and sell their work at the Group’s annual exhibition in the Arts Centre.

The Art Group is open to all, but numbers are limited by the space available, and the challenge for tutors on a brief visit of giving effective help to too large a group.  All levels of ability are welcome. However, complete beginners should note that a systematic course of instruction is not offered.

Applicants must be paid-up members of the Arts Centre. In addition, the Art Group makes a charge at the start of each session to cover the fees of tutors and models booked;  this is usually around £40.

For more information on joining the Art Group 
Contact: Gillian 07873 740979