This Way Ahead document outlines Shaftesbury Arts Centre’s plans for consolidation and development for the five-year period commencing April 2014. This revised version builds on the previous document, adopted in 2010, which in itself followed and reflected the aims of previous documents dating back to 1991. We must continue to work hard at maintaining a very positive ethos as the main Arts provider in our immediate, extended and extending community

The 2014 version has been compiled after consultation with all of the Centre’s activity groups and management areas. The opinions, feelings and wishes of each of these bodies have been included in the document and will feature in our plans for future developments. We take pride in the fact that the Arts Centre is run solely by a team of volunteers from within our membership. It is vital, for our future, that we continue to offer a happy and welcoming environment to both existing and new members and that those offering the skills we need in so many areas are welcomed onto the volunteer team.

The document’s main aim is to provide a focus for future developments so that best use is made of resources whether they are material, skills, time or financial. It will be readily available as a source of information for existing members, new and potential members and any members of the public, or public body who wish to know more. It gives a picture of where we are now and how we plan to move forward facing the main challenges of increasing our membership, maintaining our position as the main Arts provider in the Shaftesbury area,  fostering further links with the widening community, encouraging more volunteer workers and maintaining a healthy financial status.

You can download the Way Ahead here