Geoff Spencer – Treasurer

Geoff Spencer, The Centre’s Treasurer explains a little more about his role.

Q. What does your role entail?
A. Financial control, recording of daily transactions, provision of monthly figures, annual accounts (for members, Companies House and The Charities Commission) plus ongoing, general advice for the Board of Trustees.

Q. How long have you been in your position?
A. Since April 2016

Q. What attracted you to the role?
A. An interest in the performing arts, particularly on stage and also my involvement in local carnivals. I was politely asked if I was able to assist when the previous treasurer relinquished the post. I couldn’t find a valid reason to refuse…so here I am!

Q. How long have you lived in Shaftesbury?
A. I moved to Shaftesbury from Marnhull in 2005.

Q. And what was your profession in a previous life?
A. I was a qualified chartered accountant and worked mainly in private practice until retirement in 2014.

Q. What’s the best thing about your role?
A. I really enjoy playing a valuable part in providing an affordable asset for the community.

Q. And your least favourite part of the role?
A. It can be a little demanding at certain times of the month. Juggling the demands of a volunteer role with family and personal life can sometimes be tricky.

Q. What are your hopes for the Centre?
A. At the present time, survival through this pandemic is my only concern. Without any income the business (because that is what it has to be) is living off its reserves and the continuing generosity of its members/benefactors. With a gradual return to capacity, if that can ever be achieved again, the ability to create enough revenue to cover the overheads and additional costs associated with re-opening is of paramount importance.

Q. Can you think of one word to describe the essence of The Centre?
A. Hub – a place that’s available for celebrating all aspects of art, in its many guises.