Our 11 – 16 year old Youth Theatre Group would like to present and share with you ‘A Scrap of Lace’ radio play – one of the Murder Clinic Stories, stories of the world’s greatest detectives! A strange tale of jealousy and death! Detective Rosika Story recounts one of her cases of how just a scrap of lace was the answer to a murder.

If you enjoy listening, and would have come to see the Youth Theatre group perform, please consider making a donation to help us return live theatre and the Arts to Shaftesbury. It would be hugely appreciated.

Detective Storey – Charlotte Berry
Mimi – Olivia Walker
Teresa – Katy Merry
Bella – Amilee Bilby
Louise – Amiliee Bilby
Jack – Peter Rawlinson
Vera – Elodie Bilby
Susanne – Elodie Bilby
Gargon – Jamie Joshi
Butler – Jack Binns
Radio Announcer – Peter Rawlinson