The Weekly Poem

September 14 2020: Pam Kelly 'The Old In Winter'

September 7 2020: Pam Kelly 'Wednesday Night in Shaftesbury'

August 24 2020: Pam Kelly 'He's Home'

August 16 2020: Nora 'Inside the Mind of a Cornflower'

August 3 2020: Mitch 'Shadows'

July 26 2020: Elaine Cadogan 'View'

July 18 2020: Pam Kelly 'Two Poems on Shadows'

July 07 2020: Elaine Cadogan 'Reflections'

June 26 2020: Elaine Cadogan 'Being Ten'

June 13 2020: Pam Kelly 'Bluebells at Duncliffe Hill'

May 27 2020: Pam Kelly 'Doubt'

May 20 2020: Pam Kelly 'The Atheist'

May 13 2020: Anthony Mitchell 'Choose and Click'

May 6 2020: Helen English's granddaughter Nora

April 29 2020: Unity Sparrow 'The Boat'

April 22 2020: Andrew Mitchell 'Below the Surface' and 'Not Knowing'

April 15 2020: Pam Kelly 'Lockdown'

April 8 2020: Elaine Cadogan 'My Dainty Dear'


We would love to introduce you to the judges in our 19yr + for our talent show - 'Take a Bow'

Head over to our website and facebook page to take a look!

We have another short story for you as part of our show case - 'Once Upon a Line'

Twins by John Parker - have a listen!

Just two more days to see this group show 'Creative & Brave' - closes tomorrow at 4pm. Full of colour and diverse ideas - painting, surface pattern on a variety of products and driftwood assemblage. #abstractart #patternmaking #assemblage. #dorsetartists

A little bit later than planned, but here is part 5 from 'Wilde about Shaftesbury'

Have a listen -

#shaftesbury #dorset #somethingforeveryone

Have you had a chance to listen to our show case of short stories?

Go on - grab a cuppa and have a listen!

#shaftesbury #dorset #somethingforeveryone

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