Shaftesbury Ukulele Group

Robin Walter runs the Shaftesbury Ukulele Group. Here he tells us a little more about how things work.

Q. When was the group formed?
A. The group’s been going since 2012 and has welcomed hundreds of people over the years. We’ve performed at many local events including Gold Hill Fair, The Fringe, The Food Festival and The Larmer Tree Gardens to name just a few.

Q. How many members are there in the group?
A. We don’t have formal members, just people who attend regularly. Currently there are three groups but numbers can vary. Beginners have six to ten players, Intermediates have twenty to thirty players and Advanced with eight to twelve players.

Q. How often do you meet?
A. In term-time each group meets every Tuesday at various times from 4.30pm onwards.

Q. What are the aims of the group?
A. Well obviously a key aim is learning to play an instrument and to sing if you wish. But it’s also vitally important that people have fun, play and perform as part of a group.

Q. And what are the benefits of joining the group?
A. The satisfaction gained from learning to play an instrument is immense and it’s great to work alongside like-minded people. And I guarantee I’m an extremely patient teacher!

Q. What’s happening with the group during the current crisis?
A. There are no sessions at the moment but we keep in touch with a weekly Zoom meeting and often sing some favourite old songs together and also learn some new ones.

Q. So what should people do if they’re interested in joining the group?
A. Contact me on 07824 552414 or email me at
You can also find out more details on our website


We are really excited about our first, virtual, play reading this evening!

If you are interested but couldn't make tonight, then look out for our next one, coming soon!

Continuing this week until 14th July, 'Creative & Brave' in the gallery. A colourful group show of painting, textile design and assemblage. See how a painting becomes a repeat pattern for fabrics and wall papers. #surfacepattern #painting #assemblage

We can't wait to receive your entry for our talent competition - 'Take a Bow'

Simply film yourself performing your talent and send it to us by July 26th July! for more information.

We have another lovely introduction for you today from Shaftesbury Arts Centre - Meet the trustee/directors - Rosie King.

Take a look at our website for more information.

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