Once Upon A Line

To submit a story, either create an audio file, ensuring that you include the story title and your name at the beginning, or send us a written version and we will read it on your behalf. Please email all submissions to press@shaftesburyartscentre.org.uk.

'The New Girls' by Maggie Pierce Listen

'Dodgy Reg' by Richard Foreman Listen

'Early Riser' by Deborah Jones Listen

'A Reserved Seat' by Jenny Parker  Listen


Thank you to everyone who got involved with our first virtual play reading this week!

Look out for our next virtual read through at the end of the month!


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Let us introduce our 'Take a bow' Talent competition judges!

Head over to our facebook page and website to take a look at the judges for our 7 - 11yr old category!


We have loved introducing people to you from Shaftesbury Arts Centre. Here is another-

Meet the Directors/trustees - Jo Johnson



Did you guess the last trip down memory lane with us? Well it was 'The Queen and the Welshman' and the year was 1962

Head over to our website and facebook page to check out our next trip!


Have a little look on our website for our celebration of singing in our 'Singing Fiesta'!


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